Coastal Luxury at it's Finest!

Discover an array of adventuresome experiences from thrilling watersport, beach games and more. Encounter lasting memories at La Jolla Leisure Estates.

La Jolla Luxury Beach Hotel

Embrace the refreshing ambience of the beach at La Jolla Luxury Beach Hotel, a sun-kissed haven where you and your family can enjoy life's pleasures whenever you wish. La Jolla is 4 star hotel managed and operated by Asian Grand Legacy Hotels Corp.

Set in an expansive yet idyllic 60 hectare paradise with a private cove featuring a 500-meter shoreline. La Jolla has all the features and amenities suited to fulfill everyone's definition of a dream vacation.

Hotel Amenities

  • Clubhouse and function rooms with stunning views.
  • Cafe, restaurant and/or bar with alfresco dining area.
  • 2-layered pool with waterfalls and water features.
  • Infinity pool with jacuzzi for adult and kids.
  • Activity / Sports Center.
  • Kids play area.
  • Luxurious wellness spa.
  • Cabanas and elevated pavilion with viewing decks.
  • Beach front lounging areas.
Banana Boat

Aqua Sports Activities

The privileged few who, like you, who owns a vacation home at La Jolla Leisure Estates can weave unforgettable memories in the wide array of fun and thrilling activities available anytime, whenever you wish.

Aqua Sports
  • Jet Ski
  • Speed Boat
  • Banana Boat
  • Paddle Boat
  • Island Hopping
  • Kayak
  • Flying Fish
  • Snorkeling and Fishing
  • Beach Volleyball and Frisbee

Fun Amenities

Adventure and enjoyment never stops at La Jolla Leisure Estates, our wide variety of fun and engaging amenities will make every single day of your life satisfying and fulfilling.

Fun amenities
  • Basketball and tennis court
  • Barbeque grill and picnic areas
  • Tree park and camp site
  • Outdoor Amphitheater
  • ATV and bike trails
  • Activity Area